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  • Recommended / Reviewed by Vincent Van (See all my reviews) March 9, 2011 - 0 comments - 0 likes
    The place is not what I expected. It's a small food stand with no more than like 10 tables? On the day I came, it was drizzling so make that 8 tables since there are a couple with no cover over it. I read a few other reviews here and I employed the same strategy of basically standing next to a table to "claim" it was yours. It worked but it was a bit awkward?
    Fried Chicken (3.5/5) - much better than the Haven version I have tried down the street
    Proscuitto + Gruyere (4/5) - reminded me of a grown up ham and cheese croissant!
    Wild Mushroom (seasonal) (3/5) - very odd combination... can only see mushroom lovers really being drawn to this
    Smoked Salmon (4/5) - I'm a sucker for smoked salmon
    Some red flags:
    - $1 syrup??? I'll bring my own packet next time
    - waffle fries? I'll stick to criss cut fries from Carls.
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